Advice and Links

Below you can find my advice for students as well as misc links to useful information. You can also find a FAQ with the questions I get asked a lot (with my standard answers!).



FAQ 1. Can you write me a recommendation letter (I was your student in X)?

As a policy I only write recommendation letters for students I have supervised in their thesis, and only if they had high grades (corresponding to an A or B grade on the ECTS scale). Don't bother to contact me unless you are in this category.

FAQ 2. Can you be my thesis supervisor?

I am always looking for top students (but you need to both have top grades, drive/energy and ambition) so if you qualify then by all means contact me. Obviously you must also be a student in one of the Software Engineering or Computer Science programs at Chalmers for me to take you on; if you are not, please don't bother contacting me. The first thing you should do if you qualify is to look at my master thesis page to see examples of topics for new theses as well as previous theses I have supervised. I prefer if you state 1-2 project ideas or at least specific areas that you are interested in, even in your first contact.

FAQ 3. Can I do my PhD/graduate studies under your supervision?

In the Swedish academic system we can only accept graduate students when we have a specific research project in which there is a need for a PhD student. When there is such a position available you can find it announced on my home page. If there is no such announcement I cannot accept you as a student. Also since I get very many requests of this type I will not be able to check your detailed CV or give you further advice. Please respect this and do not ask for exceptions. Thank you.