Agile Development Processes - lp4, vt2012

NOTE: Robert Feldt is no longer responsible for this course. The current course home page is here.

Course code: EDA397 (Chalmers) / DIT191 (GU)
Examiner/Lecturer: Robert Feldt, Assistants: Ali Shahrokni, Emil Börjesson



Below you can see the date, time, room and themes for the lectures and workshops. There is also a detailed schedule in TimeEdit. NOTE! We have booked extra time in the project rooms where you should work on the project but when there will not always be assistants on site for support.

In the column marked "AC" you can see the parts of the main course book (by Alistair Cockburn relevant for that lecture and in the "Papers" column the relevant research papers. You are expected to study these chapters and papers that are relevant for a lecture around the time of that lecture (preferably before attending the lecture!). Lectures will not be directly based on the books and papers but will add additional material.

Date & Time Room (Always in Jupiter)
Theme Papers
12/3 10:30-12:15 243
L1: Course introduction, Agile overview [Slides, Video] (RF)
Cohen2004 (page 1-17 & 25-26 & 27-28)

14/3 11:00 -- --- DEADLINE: For your answer to the course survey ---

14/3 13:15-17:00
317, 321 & 322
Workshop 1: Android (AS) [Slides] NB!! BRING LAPTOPS!!!

16/3 13:15-17:00
317, 321 & 322 Workshop 2: Project startup [Video from workshop, Audio from customer interview #1] (AS, EB, RF)

19/3 10:30-12:15
243 L2: Methodologies & Practices, Scrum and XP, Kanban (RF) [Slides, Audio]
Ch. 1, Ch. 4
19/3 13:15-14:15
317, 321 & 322 Customer interview #2 [Audio]

23/3 13:15-17:00 317, 321 & 322 Workshop 3: Automated testing & Pair programming (AS, EB)

26/3 10:30-12:15 243 L3: Guest lecture! Agile Process being introduced/used at SAAB AB [Sides, Video1, Video2]

16/4 10:30-12:15
243 L4: Guest lecture! Transitioning to Agile Processes at Volvo Car Corporation [Slides]
27/4 10:30-12:15 243 L5: People, Visibility, Refactoring (RF) [Slides2011, Video2011] Whitworth2008 Ch. 3
7/5 10:30-12:15 243 L6: Agile Philosophy & Values, Cooperative Game, Communication (RF) [Slides2011, Video2011] 
Ch 0, 0.1, 1.1, 2
14/5 10:30-12:15 243
L7: Adapting Agile, Crystal Methodologies, Summary (RF) [Slides, Video]
Lee2010 Ch. 5, Ch. 6
14/5 13:15-17:00 317, 321 & 322 Workshop 4: Criticism to and Missing in Agile (RF) Fogelström2009 Ch. 5.1
16/5 12:00
*** Deadline: PostMortem Report ***

16/5 13:15-17:00
317, 321 & 322 Project workshops - final hand-off to customer

22/5 14:00-18:00 Lindholmen Written exam

Course documents and material

Examination will be based on the main course book, the papers listed in the Dates and Deadlines table above and the material presented in lectures as well as on your project. To pass the course it is extremely important that you read all the course material, participate in lectures and are active in and finish your project. If you do not you will fail! Remember that this is a master level course and requires considerably more than most bachelor level courses.


All your reports for assignments and exercises should be formatted using the IEEE Conference Proceedings format: