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Welcome to Req Eng 2012!

One of the main challenges in software development is to make sure you are developing the right system, i.e. to understand the requirements that need to be fulfilled. The focus of this course is how to find and collect requirements both at the start and during a software development project. But also how to manage changes as a software projects evolves. This area of Software Engineering (SE) is called Requirements Engineering (RE).

This course is based on lectures, individual assignments, a larger group assignment and a written exam. We will have guest lectures from industry during the course. Be sure not to miss them! As a service to students we try to make much material from the course available in video format.

In particular the course covers the problems that arise when RE is conducted in a fast-paced, cost-sensitive industrial reality. The following topics are included in the course:

  • Stakeholder Identification & Management
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Writing Requirements & Requirements Specifications
  • Quality Assurance of Requirements
  • Prioritising Requirements
  • Connections & Alignment between RE & other SE activities
  • RE in In-Project vs. Market-driven Development
  • RE in Agile & Iterative/Incremental Development

The teachers

Robert Feldt

Robert will give lectures and examine the course. He has a long background in Software Engineering both in academia (associate professor at Chalmers) and with 18 years of experience from software consulting. He has high standards and can be demanding but he really wants you to develop and grow and will go to great lengths to help you do that.

Emil Al├ęgroth

Emil will have workshops in the course and assist you in the project. He graduated from Chalmers in 2010 and has since then been working as a PhD. student on Software Engineering issues regarding both requirements but primarily automated testing in industry. He will help you learn, not only the subject, but why the subject is important in current software industry.

Pariya Kashfi

Pariya will lecture on usability/UX requirements in the course, and assist you in the individual assignments. She will also correct the assignments. Pariya got her licentiate degree in 2011, and since then is doing research on engineering quality requirements that are related to user experience. She will help you learn more about requirements that are related to usability, and experience of users with software in general.